A. Safa Topal
Born in Vakfıkebir, Trabzon, Turkey in 1989 and has spent his childhood in Giresun, Turkey with his family until age of 18. He spent his summers in Mount Sis, Giresun with his family during his childhood until being a teenager. It's when he met with pastoral lifestyle and nature.
It was 2008 Autumn when A. Safa moved to Ankara to study on his degree in Information Technologies in Bilkent University in Ankara. In 2010, he moved to Carlow, Ireland for the academic year as part of Erasmus Study Programme. This is when he has started photography while he already had a strong interest in film-making. He has been photographing anything with aesthetic properties when he can since then. After the Erasmus year in Ireland, in 2011, he moved back to Ankara to finish his degree in Bilkent University. He spent his elective course credits in the courses related to cinema and visual arts during his IT studies in Bilkent University.
After graduating from Bilkent University in 2014, he moved to Istanbul, Turkey for his first full time job in IT. In 2016, he moved to Ireland to continue his career in IT. After quitting the company he was working for in 2019, he has continued his career as freelance software engineer and also practiced freelance photography during 2020/21.
It was 2022 Winter when he moved to Finland for his next full time job in IT industry.
He is based in Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Finland as of early 2022.